Grants & Research

This website is an attempt to provide essential and vital information that will help faculty and administrators realize and manifest the potential of CSU as a research institution and provide a network of support personnel to assist faculty in all phases of their work. Please take a few moments to become familiar with our site.  We welcome constructive input and feedback, and we look forward to working with you to strengthen our University and find ways to share our common goals.


The Office of Grants and Research Administration's objectives and goals are focused on providing services that assist faculty in their acquisition of external funding that expands academic pursuits, as well as, providing a role in monitoring the compliance of our activities with that of the funding agencies' guidelines, rules and regulations. Our role of compliance oversight entails that proper ethical actions are taken and that scientific and fiscal integrity is preserved with respect to grant activities.  Our service role entails building partnerships with faculty and administrators so that our various research and funding agendas are supported and advanced to move the institution forward, provide assistance and guidance in proposal preparation, proposal submission, and oversight to all the financial and non-financial aspects once an award is secured These administrative services and the subsequent roles of the OGRA is focused on providing and insuring that faculty are supported so that their efforts are more positively directed to research and pursuit of external funding.  It is the OGRA's position that we provide both an internal partnership with faculty and administrators and an external partnership to the University in various ways but with the common goal of furthering Chicago State University as a quality institution of higher learning.